About The Event


Entries open on the 11th March 2024. Imvelo tends to fill up within a few days, so please be vigilant!
Late Entries can be done Friday 7th June and Saturday 8th June at registration **SUBJECT TO AVAILLABITITY**

No line entries are accepted.  All entries are done on-line.

Follow our simple 6 step guide to entering a race at Imvelo...

STEP 1: Complete the on-line entry form. There will be no line entries at registration.

STEP 2: An email will be sent to the address provided.  This will contain Essential Race & Payment Information. 

STEP 3: Make payment into the stipulated bank account, using your ID Number or Passport Number as reference.  Payment is accepted in three ways:

  1. EFT
  2. Cash deposit into a Eswatini (only) Nedbank branch
  3. Credit card (manual, requires authorization form to be requested from )

STEP 4: After your payment has been received we will reply with a confirmation email containing your reference number within 24 hrs. Please allow time for your payment to appear In our bank account as payments from outside Eswatini may have a time delay. We can only confirm your entry once payment reflect on our side.

STEP 5: Print the confirmation email or save the Reference Number to be produced at registration.

STEP 6: Registration will take place the day before or on the morning of Imvelo:  

  1. 07 June at Mlilwane Game Sanctuary Esangweni Gate from 12:00 noon – 8pm
  2. 08 June (Race Day) at Mlilwane Game Sanctuary Esangweni Gate from 05:00am. Registration closes 45 minutes before the start of each race (Classic 06:45am, Challenge 08:00am, Family and Hoglet 08:30am)

Entries are not accepted at Registration

No changes are accepted after Registration

Late arrivals will join the following race without refund

Our 4 races make sure everyone can master Imvelo!  All begin along the same route, with the longer distances branching off in search of mountains and technical single track to suit their participants before coming back to the finish in the Rest Camp to share the festivities.

No Helmet – No Ride.  All children must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Download 2023 Race Day Procedures


There are four routes allowing cyclists of all abilities to enjoy Mlilwane.

65km Nedbank Classic Marathon

The distance belies the total climb and intensity of the race.  A good 20km warm up, then hit those hills…. Technical, tough and extremely rewarding. With a brand new section up in the beautiful mountains of Mlilwane North!

Race profile subject to change.


35km Challenge

Cutting out most of the mountains, there is a sharp little climb tacked on to the 20km warm up.

Race profile subject to change.


22km Family Fun Race

Age is irrelevant, pace is optional – the 20km “warm up” includes some good hills and downhills, river crossing and a solid taste of what mountain biking is all about. 

Race profile subject to change.​


12.5km Hoglet

Sterie Stumpie ensures our tiny tots have their place in the sun!  Every year we have had fledgling cyclists of 4 years, so we created the Hoglets race to keep them coming. Children U12 years to be accompanied by Guardian

Race profile subject to change.



Accommodation and Camping is available at Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary and is booked way in advance by our loyal Imvelo supporters.  It is advisable to book as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.  

Book now!

Should these be fully booked, we can provide a list of options in the surrounding Ezulwini and Malkerns areas.

Please contact our Central Reservations Office for assistance: +268 2528 1000 or via 



An ambulance based at the Rest Camp during the event. Please ride responsibly to avoid using them! Cyclists are requested to report all accidents or problems to the next marshal along the route.

First Aid Kit

We recommend that each rider has the following in his/her cycling first aid kit: Foil survival blanket, three first aid dressings, five adhesive first aid plasters and sun block. Water is essential.

Weather Protection 

Imvelo is run in winter to avoid summer temperatures and storms. Temperatures may be anything between 10 & 20 degrees - please come prepared!  A very high factor sun block is recommended regardless and this should be re-applied during the day. Evenings and early mornings are particularly chilly.


Although you may experience mosquitoes, this area is not an official malarial zone and mosquitoes are not prolific at this time of the year. We still recommend a mosquito repellent.


Bees are prolific amongst the Gum plantations and farmers place beehives in the area. If you are allergic to bee-stings, we recommend you carry your antihistamine with you.

Mud & Ice

Mud could be experienced on stages so a set of riding glasses is recommended. Eye wash may also be useful. Tyres suitable for mud and thorns are strongly advised.

Early morning frost is highly likely on bridges and rocks.  Please be aware and careful. 

Water in streams and rivers

It is strongly recommended that one does not drink the water from any of the rivers or streams which you will be crossing, as clean as they may seem.  Every water source has human habitation upstream. Clean drinking water will be provided in the Race Villages and at the water tables along the route.

Medical Evacuation

Evacuation plans will be in place to evacuate competitors from remote areas should this be necessary.  

Many of the areas through which you will be riding are very remote and to evacuate you from some of these areas will pose a logistical challenge. We appeal to you to ride in a responsible manner particularly on the Classic & Challenge Routes. The single track follows the river through the bush for over 3km and there is no clearing for a helicopter. The only option at this point is stretcher bearers, who would have hike over up to 5km with you on a stretcher. Not a pleasant task for anyone.

Respect for Landowners

All competitors are asked to respect that without the support of the various landowners and local communities through which this race passes, this event would not be possible. Please show your appreciation for this whenever possible.  Smoking or any fire making on course, particularly in the Forest, is strictly forbidden for obvious reasons.


Bike Supply Shop

Adventure Sport runs a basic bike supply shop is located at the Start with tyres, tubes, patch & solution and other relative products.  It is always best to bring your own spare kit.

Water Tables on Course

6 water tables are located en-route, 1 in the first 10km (all races), the second in the first 20 km (Classic, Challenge, Family), a third, fourth and fifth shared by the 35km & 64km and the sixth at the King of The Mountain loop, on the 64km.

The first two water tables will have chilled water and fruit ensuring the kiddies and families are well cared for.

A water table is located on the 30km mark servicing only the Classic route, before both the King of the Mountain and the Grim Reeper climbs.  This also serves as a cut off point on the Classic for cyclists too late for the King of the Mountian loop.  Water and energy drink will be availble in gerry cans for decanting.

The final water table is shared by the Classic and Chalelnge races, at the 49km and 25km marks respectively and powers the last of the climbs in both races.  The Challenge climb is a simple up-and-over, whereas the Classic Race takes you through the final sting in the tail aka 'The Scorpion' - a good reason to fill up!  Water and energy drink will be availble in gerry cans for decanting.

Although the latter 2 water tables will serve energy drinks, we recommend that you carry your own favourite brand of energy bars, gels etc.

Food & Beverage in Rest Camp

The race finish areas are located within Mlilwane Main Camp where food stalls are set up for easy take-aways such as baked potatoes, pancakes, hot-dogs & hamburgers. 

Tea and coffee as well as all other beverages (alcoholic and soft) can be purchased from the bars that will be located in the finish area.

Food Stalls will be available with a selection of takeaway meals

Kiddies corner will be available



No Helmet No Ride. All children must be accompanied by an adult.


No entries at registration, under whatever circumstance! Registration times will be strictly adhered to. Late cyclists will join the next category.

There will be no refunds. Registration times:

  • 07 June at Mlilwane Game Sanctuary Esangweni Gate from 12:00 noon – 8pm
  • 08 June (Race Day) at Mlilwane Game Sanctuary Esangweni Gate from 05:00am. Registration closes 45 minutes before the start of each race (Classic 06:45am, Challenge 08:00am, Family and Hoglet 08:30am)

No changes after registration


Imvelo Rules at Mlilwane:

  • Animals have right of way.
  • No littering and No Smoking on course.
  • The Organiser’s Decision is final.
  • Cyclists will be Disqualified for following the Wrong Route, missing marshal points, giving incorrect information    at registration or ignoring marshal instructions
  • Any accident involving animals must be reported to the organisers. The cyclist is fully responsible for such  accidents.
  • Cyclists are requested to report any accidents or problems on the routes to the next marshal/official on the  route.
  • Do not interfere with animal or plant life unnecessarily.
  • Beware of crocodiles, hippos, warthogs and cars
  • Please stick to the designated paths and roads
  • Please ensure that we receive your number board at the finish – R30.00 admin fee per board missing!

Course marking:

  • Single day glow stickers demarcate the route, always on the left.
  • Turns – Double day-glow stickers indicate a turn up ahead, located on the side to which cyclist turns; single sticker confirmation on left thereafter
  • Watch signs – no cars; arrows; specific route direction – family, challenge & classic
  • Black arrow indicates the direction
  • A mess of chevron tape indicates a dangerous area; a marshal point or a warning of a turn – please slow down
  • Danger areas must be respected and speed must be reduced
  • Chevron tape across the road indicates a closed road
  • Single tracks are not necessarily mature and can be very bumpy. Proceed with caution

Timing & Results

Less than 3 entries per category will be classified in the preceding category.

All cyclists must be in the Start Enclosure 10 Minutes before their race starts.

Cut off Times will be strictly adhered to :

  • Hippo Dam, 12h00 (Family)
  • Donga Route, 13h00 (Family)
  • End of Hippo Trail, 10h30 (Classic); 12h00 (Challenge)
  • Bottom of Nyonyane 12h45 (Classic, Challenge)
  • Scorpion, 13h00 (Classic)

The times of the top 15 cyclists of each race will be taken. Thereafter rough time estimates will be given.

Placing will be according to the first cyclist home in each individual category. This will be verified with all marshal points. Queries/Protests must be lodged at the organiser’s Desk within 15 minutes after the results are posted. Results will be posted 30 minutes before Prize Giving.

No alcohol may be consumed by any official while on duty or cyclists before or during the race. Officials are on duty until such time they are stood down by the organisers.


2023 Results

Full Results HERE

Postion 65 km Classic 35 km Challenge 22km Family Fun Race
1st Lungelo Mlangeni Malik Mcnamara Callan Wells
2nd Makepeace Bailey Mduduzi Zwane Msibi Philani
3rd Kwanele Jele Mario Schiller Jake Lovely
1st Lady Laiken Pretorius Norael Schiller Sierra Du Pont
2nd Lady Tanille Jesop Kim Ransom Jamie Reilly
3rd Lady Bronwen Klaas Anita Stoll Carol Preat

12.5 km Hoglet

Position  U12 U10 U8
1st Boy Mazwide Nxumalo Jamie Jones Samuel Pfieffer
1st Girl Shannon Memes Rebecca Harding Britta Pfieffer

2022 Results

Full Results HERE

Postion Big Game Parks 65km Pure Joy 37km Momentum 22km
1st Jan Withaar Makepeace Bailey Jon Grobler
2nd Rudolf Pretorius Mduduzi Zwane Callan Wells
3rd Paul Steyn Thembinkosi Khumalo Xanru Ferreira
1st Lady Sandra Haywood Delrie Ferreira Natalie Grobler
2nd Lady Laiken Pretorius Kim Ransom Sierra Du Pont
3rd Lady Carin Gouws Marlee Van Der Merwe Christa Du Plessis

Milky Max 12,5km

Position  U12 U10 U8
1st Boy Avela Thakatha Andreas Olivier Jamie Jones
1st Girl Hannah Storer Lilly Hodgson Jemima Spencer


2019 Results

Full Results HERE

Postion Big Game Parks 65km Pure Joy 37km Momentum 22km
1st Christo Carelsen Jancu Peens Davi Gadaga
2nd Dewald Lotter Lungelo Mlangeni Nkosingphile Masilela
3rd Klaas Meintjes Jacques Nel Malik McNamara
1st Lady Sandra Haywood Lucinda Bride Norael Schiller
2nd Lady Zoe Hamel Linda Loffler Keana Toepfer
3rd Lady Kristien Velding Alissa Regina Tana Roques

Milky Max 12,5km

Position  U12 U10 U8
1st Boy Damon Garrell Romeo Jele Lucas Pfeiffer
1st Girl Jessica Kimber Phoebe Garrell Lacy McKenzie


2018 Results

Download 2018 Full Results here

Postion Momentum 65km Pure Joy 37km Emndeni 22km
1st Christo Carelsen Sifiso Gwebu Davi Gadaga
2nd Muzi Shabangu Lungelo Mlangeni Siyandza Dlamini
3rd Klaas Meintjes Linton Jele Tal Uzan-Tidhar
1st Lady Sandra Haywood Lucinda Bride Keana Toepfer
2nd Lady Retha Harding Linda Loffler Chloe Breero
3rd Lady Raine Fouche Lize Swanepoel Norael Schiller

Milky Max 12,5km

Position  U12 U10 U8
1st Boy Vuyani Magongo Rio Henwood David Pfeiffer
1st Girl Precious Jele Madison Pike Lara Heenan

2017 Results

Download 2017 Full Results here

Postion 64km 35km 22km          
1st Christo Carelsen Ayanda Dlamini Siyandza Dlamini
2nd Gerrit Withaar Sihle Dlamini Thembinkosi Khumalo
3rd Klaas Meintjes Mcebo Langa Reece Johnstone
1st Lady Sandra Haywood Frances jv Rensburg Keana Toepfer
2nd Lady Retha Harding Wendy Reed Christa Du Plessis
3rd Lady Lousanne Ackermann  Jennifer Davis Sebenele Magongo

Milky Max 12,5km

Position  U12 U10 U8
1st Boy Kieran Carmichael Cameron Heenan Lanner Reilly
1st Girl Norael Schiller Tana Roques Amukelani Khumalo


2016 Results

Postion 64km 35km 22km
1st Christo Carelsen Muzi Shabangu Oliver Greeves
2nd Klaas Meintjes James Gabble Luc Charles Juncker
3rd Sifiso Mhlanga Ncamiso Dlamini Ncamiso Kunene
1st Lady Sandra Haywood Nadine Steyn Robin Roques
2nd Lady Ananda Bosch Lize Swanepoel Elmarie Erasmus
3rd Lady Nina Elhen Retha Harding Christa Du Plessis

Milky Max 12,5km

Postion  U12 U7
1st Boy Robin Carmichael Brandon Kelly
1st Girl Norael Schiller Layla Greyling

Full 2016 results

2015 Results

64km Classic Sifiso Mhlanga Sandra Haywood
35km Purejoy Challenge Muzi Shabangu Delrie Ferreira
22km Spur Swaziland Family Fun Tristan Jorgensen Tema Hlope
12.5km Milky Max Hoglet (U12) Vuyiso Simelane Josie Reilly
12.5km Milky Max Hoglet (U7) Logan Cory   Phoebe Garrell


2014 Results

64km Classic Andre Cordes Sandra Haywood
35km Purejoy Challenge Muzi Nkambule Delrie Ferreira
22km Spur Swaziland Family Fun Robert Chester Kyla Hamer
12.5km Milky Max Hoglet (U12) Phila Khumalo Keana Toepfer
12.5km Milky Max Hoglet (U7) Rio Henwood    


2013 Results

64km Classic Marcel Marais Sandra Haywood
35km Purejoy Challenge Hanno Kruger Driekie Heyns
22km Spur Swaziland Family Fun Demarco Pillay Elsabe Horne
12.5km Milky Max Hoglet (U12) Sive Msibi Keana Toepfer
12.5km Milky Max Hoglet (U7) Timo Toepfer   Hayley Billingham


2012 Results

64km Classic JP Jung  03:06:06 Retha Harding 04:31:36
35km Purejoy Challenge Justin Tuck  01:35:27 Delrie Ferreira 02:03:17
22km Spur Swaziland Family Fun Dermaco Pillay  00:59:54 Heila Niemandt  01:11:15
12.5km Milky Max Hoglet (U12) Phila Khumalo 00:50:54 Keana Toepfer 01:00:10


Previous Year's Results





We appreciate all the feedback we can get!  Please complete our Survey Form and contribute to an even better Imvelo!

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With the generous sponsorship by Nedbank Eswatini and support of our many sponsors and participants, proceeds from Imvelo MTB Classic fund community and conservation projects linked to Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary.  We prefer to support larger meaningful projects, sometimes requiring bi-annual projects.  All projects are created in collaboration with the community involved, and we aim to move the benefit between communities.

To date, Imvelo MTB Classic has supported schools in Esitjeni and Siphocosini communities.  We have maintained school floors, painted the buildings, erected gutters and water tanks for rain water collection and sponsored office equipment. 

Our biggest project to date has been the construction of the Spring Water Project in Hlabazonkhe area of Siphocosini.  Proceeds were held for a few years to fund this project, which included stabilizing the outlet of a strong mountain spring used by people and livestock.  Water tanks on a solid base provide storage, with taps for human consumption and separate area for livestock.  Highly durable washing troughs were also erected for the ladies who have always done their washing at the spring.  The project has ensured clean water supply, separated animal from human areas and assisted in controlling soil erosion in the area.